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Yay!!!! You're here!

Hopefully you are aware that there is no baby. This is a Business Shower!  I want to give you all a bit of insight of what it is I've done, I'm doing and hope to achieve in the near future.



Ive been working hard for the past 4 years to see to it that Amarna is not just a successful business. I built this company from the ground up in hopes that it would help create change for others but also ensure its longevity. I started out with Amarna & Co LLC. This is the business side of my organization and has been in operating successfully for 4 years, through contracting with local providers and other companies nationwide. Then came Amarna Nutrition & Wellness, it started out as just a non-profit organization but it quickly gained recognition with the CDC for its Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Program and is now a  501c(3)non-profit and a certified 509a(2)public charity.


Now that you all are here, I am looking to expand both Amarna & Co LLC and Amarna Nutrition & Wellness (Non-Profit). I have secured this lovely office space to see clients in person for Diabetic consultations, Weight management as well as health education. Services will include both nutrition consultations and weigh management as well as metabolic screening and fat cavitation. With this space I am also looking to expand services with the creation of the Amarna Health Institute, which will serve as both a public health organization and workforce training facility.  Because I am a Public Health Educator and Community Health Worker-Instructor through the state of Texas, I plan on developing a curriculum that will include medical assisting, phlebotomy, CPR training and Community health worker training. With the help of a Registered Nurses I would then be looking to begin a CNA training program. 

As mentioned before, I built this company and all its parts by myself and on my own dime. Only recently have we been able to obtain a grant of 10K but of course there are bills when running 2 companies so there is not much left after I have purchased this new clinic and supplies, which is why I am having a shower. I understand times are hard as inflation is on the rise but anything helps to ensure the longevity of this organization.


$50-99            will receive a tax receipt

$100-$249       will receive a tax receipt + Free Amarna T-shirt

$250-$499      will receive a tax receipt + Free Amarna T-shirt

                      + 50% off all services/courses(1yr)

$500-$999     will receive a tax receipt + Free Amarna T-shirt 

                      + Free services/courses(1yr)

$1000-$2499  will receive a tax receipt + Free Amarna T-shirt 

                      + Free services/courses

                      +Recognition (Name/Photo on Wall)

$2500+          will receive a tax receipt + Free Amarna T-shirt 

                      + Free services/courses

                      +Recognition (Name/Photo on Wall)

                     +Honorary Board Member(Voting Status Only)




If you do not wish to donate money but would like to help out, we are registered with the following stores:

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